Tulsa Bioidentical Hormones

Tulsa Bioidentical Hormones

Prescriptions Compounding & Pharmacy's use of Bioidentical natural hormone therapy in Tulsa has helped many people decrease stress and fatigue, increase energy and sex drive, weight loss, increase sleep at night and create over all better health. Our bioidentical hormone treatments have been a relief for many who are frustrated with the limits of conventional medicine and the resistance of many physicians to consider other remedies. For more information about bioidentical hormones in Tulsa...Click Here.

We manage many things in life. Now itís time to manage
your age by combining fitness, nutrition and the use of
bioidentical hormone therapy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


What are BioIdentical Hormones?

Tulsa Bioidentical hormones are an exact replica of the hormones that are naturally produced by the body. The difference between bio-identical hormones and synthetic hormones is that, although both are created in labs, synthetic hormones are not identical to the hormones naturally created in your body and bio-identical hormones match your body’s hormones molecule by molecule.
For more information about bioidentical hormones...click here.

Are bioidentical hormones
better than synthetics?

The great appeal of bioidentical hormones is that they are natural, and your body can metabolize them as it was designed to do. Bioidentical are manufactured in the lab to have the same molecular structure as the hormones Made by your own body. By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different so they can be patented.

Are bioidentical hormones for you?

Our goal is to help inform you about your options so that you can make the decision based upon complete information about bio-identical hormones. For more information about Tulsa Bioidentical Hormones...Click Here!


Prescriptions Compounding & Pharmacy

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Tulsa Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Tulsa Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

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